Judo-style takedown in fight caught on camera

Published September 2, 2023 at 9:47

A new video surfaced from a European hockey league, showing a player executing a bizarre and dangerous fight strategy, more so than the usual face-punching.

From this video, a player can be seen quickly using his legs to trip up and push down an opponent in a fight.

It's an extremely dangerous, yet effective, way to end a fight. With modern hockey equipment, and specifically helmets bracing head contact on ice, it's likely that the falling player is okay and left only with a bruised ego. However, on the assaulting player, it's a shamelessly egregious takedown that has no place in hockey.

Rightfully so, the fallen player's teammates immediately rush to his defence, actually led by the goaltender. The next time these two teams play, the assaulting player will make sure to peak over his shoulder before skating into a corner.
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