Hockey player showing off his injuries
Photo credit: Oyen Eagles

Senior hockey players drop the gloves in wild tilt with lasting results

Published January 22, 2024 at 8:06

Senior hockey leagues are filled with guys that either have played at a higher level at one point or another and players that still have something to prove to themselves. Sometimes, a combination of those things leads to a pretty good fight, but when neither player shows any defence, things can get rather gruesome.

After a dirty hit, things get heated and two players drop the gloves in the East Central Senior Hockey League. This fight is one for the ages; take a look.

Treat yourself and watch this old time hockey Donnybrook in the ECSHL. Straight bomb exchange with zero defence from either challenger. Eagles #15 taking names! Might have woke a sleeping giant. His 2nd fight ever.

No defence was displayed in this fight and as a result, both fighters were left bruised and bloody with one being far worse than the other.

It seems like the next morning when one of the players showed off his injuries which include a bruised and bloody eye that's swollen shut, the other eye looks like it has some popped blood vessels and a cut above his eyebrow.
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Senior hockey players drop the gloves in wild tilt with lasting results

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