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Camera captures exact moment, Rempe agrees to face Reaves

Published March 3, 2024 at 10:37

Last night the Toronto Maple Leafs took on the New York Rangers, Toronto would end up winning the game in a shootout, but to most fans, the entire game was built around whether tough guys Ryan Reaves and Matt Rempe would drop the gloves at some point during the game.

That of course did end up happening in the latter part of the third period, but camera footage caught Reaves issuing a challenge to Rempe off the draw and the challenge being accepted moments before the gloves were down and the two faced off at centre ice.

Reaves: Hey! You want it?

This fight was building all game, both players knew it had to happen at some point and when things like this happen, the challenge is rarely issued by the rookie. The veteran player almost always asks first as a sign of respect.

The one thing I find funny about the way tough guys always go into fights when they know they have to happen is how politely they ask if the other wants to drop the gloves.

All in all, good on both players for stepping up to the plate and giving the fans what they wanted going into the game.
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Camera captures exact moment, Rempe agrees to face Reaves

Who do you think won that fight?

Reaves dominated18937.8 %
Rempe won8116.2 %
It was a draw.23046 %
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