Stanley Vs Kolesar
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Kolesar goes toe-to-toe with Stanley in heavyweight tilt

Published March 28, 2024 at 9:22 PM

The Winnipeg Jets and the Vegas Golden Knights are facing off in a game with major playoff implications and as such, you would expect things to be a little bit more intense, especially as the regular season starts winding down. That's exactly what happened and it didn't take very long.

Just shy of 3 minutes into the game, Golden Knight forward Keegan Kolesar and Jets defender Logan Stanley have a short conversation before dropping the gloves for a spirited tilt in the Winnipeg zone; take a look.

Logan Stanley and Keegan Kolesar go dancing. 🕺

Stanley and Kolesar are no strangers to dropping the gloves and throwing some fists. While this fight started out rather slowly, it didn't take long for Stanley to free himself up and start throwing them freely, with the height advantage as well, it's no surprise either.

Give Kolesar credit where it's due though, he did respond, or at least attempt to, throwing a few shots of his own, but in the end, Stanley's height and reach was just too much.

There is definitely a playoff atmosphere in Winnipeg tonight with the sold out crowd, which is nice to see. Stanley winning the fight so handedly brought them to their feet as well.
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Kolesar goes toe-to-toe with Stanley in heavyweight tilt

Who won this fight?

Kolesar811.8 %
Stanley3348.5 %
It wasn't a contest, Stanley all the way2739.7 %
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