Maple Leafs Reaves faces off with Canadiens Pezzetta
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Maple Leafs Ryan Reaves destroys Michael Pezzetta

Published April 6, 2024 at 8:46 PM

Ryan Reaves has been on a heater since he retuned to the lineup for the Toronto Maple Leafs, dropping the gloves with Tanner Jeannot when the Maple Leafs faced off against the Tampa Bay Lightning, and now tonight as the Toronto rolled into Montreal to face off with the Canadiens.

Reaves, who has suddenly discovered all the confidence in the world, went toe to toe with Michael Pezzetta and made short work of him,.As the fight ended, he began to jaw at the home team bench while being led to the penalty box.

Having a teammate that will not only go to war with you but fight for you is by far the best thing for this Maple Leafs squad that has enough primary scoring but has lacked toughness when it mattered during the playoffs, and while Reaves will likely play between 4 and 8 minutes a night at best, it is integral that he is inserted into the game-one lineup, especially with how he's been playing recently.

It also doesn't hurt that the Maple Leafs lay a beating to their longest rivals on the scoreboard either. It would be great to see the Canadiens be competitive again because, if you ask most Maple Leafs fans, watching their team is a lot better when the team from La Belle Province is equally as good.
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Maple Leafs Ryan Reaves destroys Michael Pezzetta

Should the Maple Leafs leave Ryan Reaves in the lineup for game 1 of their first round playoff?

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