Zucker Vs Cousins
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NHL's most hated player drops the gloves once again

Published March 21, 2024 at 8:13 PM

Nick Cousins is widely known as the most hated player in the National Hockey League, a reputation he's cultivated during his time in the league due to his style of play and questionable antics game in and game out.

Tonight, the Florida Panthers are taking on the Nashville Predators and Cousins yet again decided to drop the gloves, this time with newly acquired Predators forward, Jason Zucker. The two players definitely weren't holding back either; take a look.

Nick Cousins and Jason Zucker take it to the floor. 👀

The fight starts off the draw in the Florida zone with both men seemingly ready as soon as the puck hits the ice. They then exchange blows while not really attempting to block anything.

In the end, even though Zucker is the one that hits the ice and stays down, it looks like he landed the better of the shots when all was said and done, though the fight was rather close.

Given Cousins and his reputation, as the season goes down the stretch, one would think he and others are going to start playing more of a playoff style of hockey and I bet, if he starts to accept fights more frequently, there will be no shortage of takers.

However, Zucker was first in line because of this hit earlier in the season when he was with the Arizona Coyotes

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NHL's most hated player drops the gloves once again

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Zucker7853.1 %
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