30-year-olds NHL career could be over after medical staff failure

Published March 11, 2023 at 4:15 PM
When a player suffers an injury he expects his team's medical staff to do what best for him. Unfortunately for Tanner Pearson, when he broke his hand it may have been the beginning of the end of his professional hockey career. What was supposed to be a routine surgery has since spiraled into absolute chaos.

Pearson hasn't played a game for the Canucks since November, now it appears their may not be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Horrible news for Pearson.

- They don't know if he will play next season

- He's had 5 surgeries so far and Dhaliwal is hearing Pearson's not done with surgeries yet.

According to Rick Dhaliwal, Pearson has already undergone 5 separate surgeries. 4 of those have been an attempt to correct the issues caused by surgery number 1.

Both the Vancouver Canucks and NHLPA have announced they have opened investigations into the Canucks medical staff. Hopefully for Pearson's sake this isn't something he can't overcome, but as of now it doesn't sound promising.
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