Erik Karlsson blows up on a referee and then throws his helmet on the ice after missed call

Published March 8, 2023 at 9:48
It was already a bad night for the San Jose Sharks. They were already down 6-0 halfway through the third period. At that point they probably just wanted the game to end and get out Denver. Five minutes into the third period Erik Karlsson made a deke at the blueline to keep the puck in the Colorado end. Unfortunately, Alex Newhook got careless with his stick and caught Karlsson right in the mouth causing him to bleed. Karlsson went back to the bench and was treated by the trainer.

Newhook was not assessed a penalty which was the wrong call and made the Sharks team even more upset than they already were. In response to the non-call Erik Karlsson took off his helmet from the bench and threw it on the ice in disgust. The referees than gave Karlsson a ten-minute misconduct for throwing his helmet. Karlsson commented after the game that he thought the refs missed an obvious call, which they did.

It was certainly a night to forget for the Sharks and the non-call just seemed to really frustrate Karlsson. I don't blame him one bit for his actions and can totally understand his frustration. Either way, the call wouldn't have changed the outcome of the game. Hopefully Karlsson will be OK and he can continue the great season he's been having personally despite another lousy year for San Jose.

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Erik Karlsson blows up on a referee and then throws his helmet on the ice after missed call

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