Gary Bettman caught in a lie about the risks of playing in the NHL

Published March 11, 2023 at 9:15

For years, the link between head trauma and contact sports has been known. Although the National Hockey League had vehemently denied such.

Now that Former NHLER Steve Montador's family is suing the league for wrongful death, the commissionaire has changed his mind, take a look:

The @NHL has reached a new low on #CTE. Defending the Steve Montador wrongful death suit, NHL says "(He was) educated by NHLPA reps about CTE & potential long-term risks of head injuries." Yet the NHL has ALWAYS denied the link. Watch Gary Bettman say it- does this mean
that the NHL is admitting they are deliberately misleading players, the public, & youth hockey families on the connection between #CTE & hockey? If the NHLPA spoke the truth in 2013, does that mean the NHL has been lying for a decade? Thoughts welcome

Anyone who's played or watched hockey knows the risks are there, time and time again, the NHL has pushed the link between blows to the head and CTE to the wayside. When it fits Bettman says Montador was warned, which is it?

The NHL can't have it both ways, by saying the league has warned its players, they've caught themselves in a lie.

If it wasn't time for Gary Bettman to step aside, I think now is the time. If he's now switching the story, they've been lying to everyone for over a decade.
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Gary Bettman caught in a lie about the risks of playing in the NHL

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