Linesmen saves player from a very scary injury

Published November 25, 2023 at 9:46
The officiating in the National Hockey League has been suspect for some times, whether it be missed calls, bad make up calls or questionable offsides, but they also deserve a ton of credit when they do something extraordinary as well.

Wednesday night when the Calgary Flames took on the Nashville Predators, Michael McCarron and Dennis Gilbert dropped the gloves and as the fight was coming to a close, Gilbert came very close to suffering a dangerous injury, take a look.

As Gilbert is falling backwards, he nearly hits his head off the ice, but the quick thinking of linesmen Tyson Baker cradled his head making sure Baker protected Gilbert's head.

Had it not been for that linesmen, Gilbert would've likely smashed the back of his head off the ice. For everything the NHL officials are, have been and most likely will be, this is the brightest of bright spots for them.

Take a bow, baker, you deserve it.
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Linesmen saves player from a very scary injury

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