Tyler Seguin rushes off the ice after being cut with a skate

Published March 9, 2023 at 8:22 PM
This year it seems like the NHL has run into a new equipment problem. As skates have evolved they've become much easier to change the blades and therefore much easier to keep sharp. But along with the evolution in blades we've seen no additional cut resistant equipment mandated by the NHL.

It began earlier this year when Evander Kane had his wrist cut my a skate, and up until tonight Brad Marchand was the latest player to suffer a cut. Tonight though Tyler Seguin joined the list of players who were cut by skates.

In the 1st period of tonight's game Jordan Greenway's skate comes up and appears to catch the leg of Seguin. Seguin immediately shows signs of pain before feeling his leg and rushing straight for the bench.

Seguin will not return to tonight's game.

Hopefully he's alright.
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Tyler Seguin rushes off the ice after being cut with a skate

Should the NHL mandate cut resistant materials?

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