Jets' Prospect Brad Lambert on the ice after taking a massive hit
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Winnipeg Jets' Prospect Gets Rocked by a Massive Hit and the Gloves Drop

Published January 15, 2024 at 10:05

Brad Lambert, picked 30th everall by the Winnipeg Jets in 2022, must have felt like he got hit by a train after this one. An AHL game today between the Laval Rocket and Manitoba Moose produced a massive hit, with the player who did it going on to answer the bell.

Tobie Paquette-Bisson, who plays for the Laval Rocket but does not have a contract with the Montreal Canadiens, caught Lambert, who plays for the Manitoba Moose, just over the blueline with a bone-crushing hit that stopped Lambert dead in his tracks and caused him to go hard to the ice.

Bisson was challenged immediately by by Lambert's teammate Jeff Malott. He appeared to accept, but the officials jumped in before the two could go at it.

"Tobie Bisson just ROCKED Brad Lambert with a beautiful hit.. Absolutely trucked him, and than the linesmen proceed to rob us of what could have been a great fight afterwards. Cmon' let em go!!"

However, Moose captain Jeffrey Viel, a well-known name to NHL fight fans, decided to make Bisson answer for the hit shortly after. I'd call this one a draw.

"Jeffrey Viel and Tobie Bisson drop the gloves (presumably for the Rocket defenceman's hit on Lambert)."

It should be noted that Bisson did not receive a penalty on the play for the hit, although he did get an unsportsmanlike penalty for what went on afterwards. The no call for the hit was the right call, in my view. No question it was massive, but Lambert had the puck in his possession at the time, and the hit looks to be straight through the chest, not to the head. While Lambert's head wasn't down at the time, it looks like he never saw Bisson coming. You need to have your head on a swivel sometimes.
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Winnipeg Jets' Prospect Gets Rocked by a Massive Hit and the Gloves Drop

Was this a clean hit?

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