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Andrew Copp suffers serious injury after being accused of flopping

Published April 10, 2024 at 9:15

The game of hockey happens at such a high rate of speed that sometimes things gets missed. Luckily, slow-mo replays and alternative angles often provide clarity to what really occurred. During last night's game between the Washington Capitals and Detroit Red Wings forward Andrew Copp was accused of an egregious dive.

Late in the third with the Red Wings trailing 2-0, Andrew Copp appears to throw his arms up, grab his face and hit the ice. No referees on the play saw what occurred and no penalty was called. Copp was quickly tended to by Red Wings trainers and taken off the ice. Many felt this was an attempt of a veteran player late in the game to try and gain his team in advantage.

Copp, however, is not that type of player. Copp left the game and would not return. Most Caps fans weren't swayed by this, instead sticking to their assertion that it was a dive. After the game Red Wings Head Coach Derek Lalonde assured everyone this was not a dive.

Derek Lalonde said doctor told him Andrew Copp broke his cheek bone on that late high stick that went uncalled. Going to have imaging to confirm

If this diagnosis is confirmed it will be the end of Copp's season and will be a serious blow to the Red Wings playoff chances as they continue to make a late season push.
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Andrew Copp suffers serious injury after being accused of flopping

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