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Avalanche defender accused of trying to intentionally injure Connor Bedard

Published March 1, 2024 at 7:55

Last night the Colorado Avalanche faces off against the Chicago Blackhawks in a Western Conference matchup. The two teams sit on opposite sides of the standings, with the Avalanche focussed on the playoffs and the Blackhawks just trying to play out the stretch of remaining games. Based off of the final score the difference between both teams was pretty obvious.

The Avalanche would win the game 5-0, and secure the 2 points. However, it is a play between Josh Manson and Connor Bedard that fans are still talking about today.

The play occurred in the Avalanche zone, where Bedard stands watching the puck at the blueline. As Bedard waits in the center of the ice, Manson approaches from behind and delivers a hard slash to the wrist/hand area. The blow which went uncalled was enough to knock the stick from Bedard's hand.

The play is currently drawing criticism from fans and even one former NHL employee even went as far as to refer to it as intent to injure.

That's intent to injure. There is no other explanation. There will be no fine or suspension (lol), but Manson knows exactly what he's doing. The league should punish this stuff because it's clear what he's doing and there's no reason for it. That's not hockey.

After the game Blackhawks' Head Coach Luke Richardson had this to say:

Connor will whack him back. He's not afraid to.

While it's good to know that Bedard isn't afraid to defend himself. You have to ask if this doesn't defeat the purpose of the Blackhawks spending so much money on veteran players who are intended to protect the star rookie.

Whatever is happening in Chicago needs to be figured out before next season before this rebuild truly goes off the tracks.
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Avalanche defender accused of trying to intentionally injure Connor Bedard

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