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NHL issues embarrassing statement on player's health after death of Chris Simon

Published March 20, 2024 at 11:28

Yesterday afternoon the sad news reached the public that former NHL Enforcer Chris Simon had ended his own life. According to those closest to him, Simon had been suffering the effects of CTE (Chronic traumatic encephalopathy) in the years leading up to his death. CTE is a brain disorder that is said to be caused by repeated blows to the head and head injuries. The blows lead to a degeneration of the brain nerve cells within the brain and worsens over time.

Of all the major sporting leagues in the world, only the NHL maintains that there is not enough scientific evidence to support CTE, with Gary Bettman remaining steadfast against the diagnosis. After Simon's death and these reports, veteran NHL Insider took the opportunity to ask NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly if the league has changed their stance on CTE and Daly gave the following embarrassing answer.

Asked Bill Daly whether the #NHL's viewpoint has changed with additional medical studies that show a definitive link between CTE and repeated blows to the head.

«No,» Daly said. «I think the science is still lacking.»

NHL Players Agent and staunch opposition to Gary Bettman, Allan Walsh had the following to say about this tragedy.

I'm angry and devastated at such a senseless tragedy. 101 fighting majors and Gary Bettman still denies the cumulative effects of repetitive head impacts. There is retired NHL players blood on Gary's hands. My condolences and sympathies to Chris' family and friends.

When asked directly about the death of Simon, Bettman provided the following quote:

«Chris' passing is tragic, it's sad. We extend our deepest condolences to his family and friends. And, you know, on all of these matters, we wait to see what the medical experts tell us. Having said that, I think it's well documented with all of the progress that we've made over the last couple decades to make the game as safe as possible.»

This is just continued efforts of a Commissioner to avoid an obvious issue for as long as possible. However, for a league that implemented some of the toughest COVID restrictions in the world, it's odd that they suddenly are waiting more scientific information on something that has clearly been covered.
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NHL issues embarrassing statement on player's health after death of Chris Simon

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