Oshie injured
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TJ Oshie appears to suffer a very strange serious injury

Published February 23, 2024 at 8:49

Hockey is a fast, physical sport in which injuries are bound to happen, most of the time you can clearly tell why a player is injured, but sometimes, a strange play happens where a player goes down and fans, coaches and commentators alike are left scratching their heads, wondering how a player gets injured on a certain play.

That is exactly what happened last night when the Washington Capitals were in Tampa, Florida to take on the Lightning. Capitals forward TJ Oshie goes down, but no one seems to know exactly what happened; take a look.

TJ Oshie had to be helped off the ice with an apparent non-contact injury

In the latter part of the 3rd period, Oshie has the puck, spins with it and then goes down right outside the blue line. No one touches him, but it's clear something isn't right. He attempts to sit on the bench, but does need help to get to the locker room near moments after he goes down on the ice.

It has to be a leg injury of some sort that the veteran forward suffered, but to what part of the leg is unclear.

Let's hope for Oshie and the Capitals sake that it's nothing serious that would keep him out long term as he's been a key part of their team for quite a long time, but honestly, you never really know.
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TJ Oshie appears to suffer a very strange serious injury

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