4-time Stanley Cup Champ slammed through table on Impact Wrestling

Published March 25, 2023 at 9:40

If you haven't kept up with Darren McCarty, the four-time Stanley Cup champion, you may be surprised to know that he has delved deeply into the world of professional wrestling. Despite starting at the bottom of the wrestling hierarchy in the independent circuit, McCarty has shown he's willing to go to great lengths to establish himself.

During a recent episode of Impact Wrestling, McCarty was present as a member of the audience when Bully Ray, a seasoned professional wrestler, threw a drink in his face. McCarty put up a brave fight, but the odds were against him, and the segment culminated with him being slammed through a table by Bully Ray, a move he's been executing on opponents throughout his entire career.

McCarty's toughness was on full display as he took the brutal bump like someone who's been doing it forever. This should be expected given his prior experiences on the independent circuit where he endured harrowing stunts involving barbed wire, fluorescent light tubes, and other instruments of pain.

During his career, McCarty played over 750 regular season games in the NHL, as well as an additional 174 playoff games. He spent the majority of his NHL career with the Detroit Red Wings, where he won all four of his Stanley Cups.

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