Alex Galchenyuk sued for $400,000 by major Canadian bank

Published July 26, 2023 at 2:49 PM

The month of July hasn't been a good for for former NHLer Alex Galchenyuk. After being arrested on a multitude of charges earlier this month, Galchenyuk is now in more legal trouble. This time Galchenyuk has drawn the ire of the Royal Bank of Canada.

In filed court documents RBC is seeking $400,000. According to RBC Galchenyuk has breached a contract with the bank to pay back a loan. The Montreal Journal has learned the following:

In June 2014, while playing for the CH, Galchenyuk allegedly took out a loan worth $299,466.88 in US dollars from the Bank, can we read in a motion to institute proceedings recently filed with the Montreal courthouse.

This represents in today's value approximately $395,714 in Canadian currency.

Failure to payback this loan has since caused RBC to request the amount paid back in full.

Last April, the Bank allegedly told him that he was in default, but he allegedly refused to pay the amount he owed to the banking institution.

"The defendant is in default under the terms and conditions of the loan in that it has failed to make certain payments, and the default has not been cured to date," the court document reads.

The Bank therefore now wants the person whose main residence is in Sunny Isles, Florida, to repay the entire loan, with interest at an annual rate of 9.2%.

This continues the terrible month for Galchenyuk, hopefully he is able to get his life in order and get all of these trouble puts behind him.
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Alex Galchenyuk sued for $400,000 by major Canadian bank

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