Are the Maple Leafs planning on replacing Tavares as Captain? Former player comments

August 11, 2022  (7:34)

The Toronto Maple Leafs had anithee disappointing 1st round loss, this time to the Tampa Bay Lightning. That being said, Toronto ended the season above the league average in points, setting a franchise record with 115.

There's been another change in goal, much like Freddie Anderson being shipped to Carolina, Jack Campbell walked to Alberta for a raise. But is cynicism warranted? I don't think so, as giving the former defending Stanley Cup champs, a good 7 games series.
But will there be a time when John Tavares is stripped of the Captaincy? It's doubtful, according to TSN's Mike Johnson. However, the media isn't united on this, as Adam Wylde speculated that Tavares would lose the C to Auston Matthews.
This is Mike Johnson's take:
Unless both parties were really on board and somehow wanted it.. if John Tavares wanted to give it up and Auston Matthews wanted to have it on his chest, then maybe. But no, there's no room for it..

Does Auston Matthews really WANT the captaincy? I know it's an honour and it's very symbolic. I don't think it would change a thing in how either player operates as far as their role... the only thing I could see changing before the end of Tavares' contract is if somehow it was tied into an Auston Matthews extension.

Tavares has recently rebounded in production since his first year in the Maple Leafs organization, where he put up 88 points in 2018-2019. Also to bolster Johnson's perspective, Tavares is currently signed until 2025, whereas Matthews term ends in 2024.
By all means, Matthews is still young and while he is the Maple Leafs' star player, he hasn't built the leadership skills to wear the C, let alone does it seem like he cares if he does.
Call me old-fashioned, but the idea that the captain of the team should be the best player is just wrong. The Capitals made Ovechkin captain after they traded Chris Clark. It was too soon. Ovechkin was 24 years old then just like Auston Matthews is now.

Until that time arrives, I'll assume that Keefe keeps Tavares as Captain, especially if he commands consensus in the locker room, and Matthews needs to work on making sure the Maple Leafs don't make another first-round exit.
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Are the Maple Leafs planning on replacing Tavares as Captain? Former player comments

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