Arizona Coyotes latest giveaway totaled nearly $700,000 in retail value

Published December 30, 2022 at 9:48

The Arizona Coyotes had quite the promotional give away last night versus Toronto. Every fan in attendance got a free Arizona Coyotes kachina jersey. Now I know the Coyotes franchise has not played well over the years. There not playing at an NHL rink and there is question if the club stays in Arizona.

To some hockey fans, the organization has become a laughingstock. But a giveaway like this to the fans is pretty cool. It's not like they gave jerseys to 18,000 people, however the organization did not have to give out jerseys at all and they did so anyways. I am sure some of the fans who attended appreciate taking home such a nice souvenirs.

Sometimes I wish other NHL franchises would be more generous with their fans. The cost to attend games is high and it would be nice to have franchise give back to their fans occasionally. That is why I think this was a nice move by the Coyotes organization, even if it was only for a limited number of fans. So, props to the Coyotes for being generous. It must have cost a few dollars make all those jerseys.

The jersey retails on NHL Shop for $135 per jersey and for 5,000 units the approximate retail value would be $675,000. It's nice to see those revenue sharing cheques are going somewhere.
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