NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman.
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Bettman shares which cities have expressed interest an expansion franchise

Published February 3, 2024 at 9:03
While the next round of expansion in the National Hockey League may still be years away, several cities have expressed interest in having a franchise.

Quebec City and Salt Lake City are two locations that are wanting to bring an NHL franchise in, but on Friday while at the All-Star Weekend in Toronto, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman shared other cities that have expressed interested in expansion.

Bettman told reporters that Atlanta, Cincinnati, Houston, Kansas City and Omaha have all reached it to the league to inform them of their interest in having an NHL franchise.

"Gary Bettman is asked question about Utah and discussions there (in relation to possible expansion there).

Says no formal expansion plans. Utah interest been most aggressive.
But also have interest from Cincinnati, Houston, Atlanta, Kansas City, Omaha."

It seems inevitable that the National Hockey League will expand in the coming years and it's expected that the fee could be upwards of $2 billion USD.

Atlanta is one city to keep an eye on as this week an arena development was given the green light by local government in the state of Georgia.

Which city do you think has the best shot at landing an NHL franchise in the future? Let us know what you think in the poll below!

February 3   |   521 answers
Bettman shares which cities have expressed interest an expansion franchise

Which city has the best shot at landing a future expansion franchise?

Quebec City18134.7 %
Houston9317.9 %
Atlanta479 %
Salt Lake City20038.4 %
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