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Head of NHL Players Association Publicly Blasts Arizona Coyotes Ownership

Published February 2, 2024 at 6:41 PM
It seems NHL players have had enough of the ongoing Arizona Coyotes saga. The head of the organization that represents their interests put the team and its ownership on blast today, expressing disappointment and concern with the current situation.

Marty Walsh, Executive Director of the NHL Players' Association was asked about his thoughts on the Coyotes still playing in the 5000-seat Mullet Arena in Tempe while the ownership continues to look for a new permanent home.

"I'm extremely disappointed in the ownership of Arizona, the president of Arizona. They have not reached to talk to the PA about what the situation in Arizona is."

Walsh noted the Coyotes had missed two previous deadline for a new home.

"How long do you wait to get a home? They're playing in a college arena and they're the second tenant in that arena. ... This is not the way to run a business."

There is word that a piece of land is in the process of being purchased for a new home for the Arizona Coyotes. Walsh said that still leaves a lot of time between now and when the players can finally get out of Mullet Arena.

"So you can talk about buying land there in Arizona, but it's 10 years before a shovel goes in the ground? As far as I'm concerned, that's unacceptable on behalf of the players, and should be unacceptable on behalf of the league."

"They were talking about, 'Oh, we're going to find a new place pretty quickly.' The year has gone by and they haven't found anything, at least to my knowledge. So the clock is ticking on Arizona, in my opinion."

It isn't just about the size of the current arena and its dressing rooms for players, either. There were rumours in 2023 that Coyotes' players were not happy with substandard travel, lodging, and logistical issues.

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Head of NHL Players Association Publicly Blasts Arizona Coyotes Ownership

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