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Boston Bruins looking to make a blockbuster trade

Published December 20, 2022 at 4:04 PM

The Boston Bruins are one of the frontrunners for the Stanley Cup this year. Remarkably they have just four regulation losses and two overtime losses in thirty-one games this year. They still have not lost a game on home ice in regulation either. It looks like the Burins will be all in when it comes to the Stanley Cup playoffs. With that being said, Boston have to decide who to pursue before their playoff run. One name that has been floated out there is Chicago's Patrick Kane. Could you imagine adding a player of Kane's talent to an already stacked forward group? It is at lease entertaining to think about Kane in their lineup and where he'd fit in.

At the end of the day, Kane has control of who or where he gets traded to. So obviously he'd have to be on board with the trade. The issue here for Boston is who they would send in return. At this point Chicago is looking to rebuild and looking for key prospects and draft picks for Kane. As many as they can get.

Boston's farm system is slim but they do have first round picks that they can part with. Is that enough to get Kane? I wouldn't think so but perhaps Kane doesn't give Chicago a lot of choice in terms of where he wants to go. As the trade deadline approaches in March, it will be interesting to see how Boston decides to bolster its roster for a cup run.

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Boston Bruins looking to make a blockbuster trade

Where will Patrick Kane end up?

Boston Bruins1129.7 %
New York Rangers1232.4 %
Still in Chicago718.9 %
Other team718.9 %
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