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Canadian team sees first jersey thrown in the ice for the first time this year

Published December 20, 2022 at 2:54 PM

The Vancouver Canucks are having what most probably is their worst season ever in the NHL. The players have seemed to already call it quits and the fans are showing their appreciation with the lack of fight in their team.

One fan decided to show that they've clearly had enough. The fan took it upon themselves to through their jersey on the ice during the game vs the Winnipeg Jets. Luckily the play didn't stop as one of the referees picked up the jersey and took it off the ice.

For a fan to throw their $100+ jersey on the ice means a lot of how the fanbase is taking this. Vancouver front office needs to do something about this immediately. They need to be transparent with their fans and telling them what the long-term plan looks like. Last night things took another turn after fans began to chant for real change.

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