Boston Bruins make major announcement about Mitchell Miller signing

November 16, 2022  (11:02)

The Boston Bruins are one of the hottest teams in the NHL and recently they pissed away their goodwill, after being publically hosed in the media by both Patrice Bergeron and Nick Foligno after the Mitchell Miller signing. The front office lost face in the eyes of NHL fans and the media as well.

The situation continues to develop, as Miller's agent, Eustace King will try and make sure the Bruins stay on the hook for the contract.
And Now this:
The Boston Bruins strive every day to live our values and meet the high standards our associates, fans and community have come to expect. This includes treating everyone inside and outside our organization with dignity and respect. We recently fell short of our high standards and disappointed both ourselves and many in our community. Moving forward, we are committed to ensuring that our values are reflected in everything we do as an organization, including our process for vetting future players.

As part of this commitment, the Boston Bruins have retained an experienced and respected team of professionals, led by former U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch of the law firm of Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison, to conduct an independent review of our player-vetting process. This will help us ensure that our process going forward reflects our core values. The Bruins organization will fully cooperate with the independent review team and will publicly disclose the results of the review upon its completion.

The Bruins have hired an independent third party to investigate their vetting process. This is a huge lack of confidence in Don Sweeney, as shown by this move and it's concerning as there's been a lack of discipline from the top down in the organization.
Loretta Lynch will lead the review of the organization's player-vetting process. This seems like a possible start to accountability, but if it changes nothing it's nothing more than a public-relations move.
The simplest answer would be to hold the scouts involved and Don Sweeney accountable, but I wouldn't expect something so bold from Cam Neely.
Don Sweeney broke the trust of the Bruins fans, of all hockey fans, of just ordinary decent people, and he should have the damn intestinal fortitude to quit in disgrace. He is a disgrace. He has damaged a young man, his family and the NHL itself.

He has to go.
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