Brad Treliving confirms what will happen with Matt Murray as buyout window closes tomorrow

Published June 29, 2023 at 3:07 PM

The Matt Murray Experiment in Toronto didn't work out. After being acquired from the Ottawa Senators last summer, the Leafs hoped he could find his Stanley Cup form. Unfortunately that never happened and as has been the case for the last four seasons Murray found himself on the injured reserve more often than not.

This left the Maple Leafs with a difficult decision on what they might do with Murray going forward. Many expected new general manager Brad Treliving to place Murray on waivers and clear nearly 4 million in salary cap space. Today however Treliving confirmed that was not in the team's plans.

Brad Treliving doesn't anticipate executing a buyout before the first window closes tomorrow night.

He points out there is a second one later in the summer, though.

While he is right there is another buyout window later this summer that is only for teams that have an arbitration ruling of over 4 million dollars. That would likely mean the Leafs plan on going to salary arbitration with Ilya Samsonov.

The Maple Leafs have until tomorrow at noon to change their mind or they will be heading into this summer with far less money available to them.
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