Brayden Point chirps the officials after a terrible call

Published May 11, 2022 at 2:01 PM

The referees have taken a ton of criticism already and the 1st round isn't even over. Referees in the Tampa Bay and Toronto series have taken even more criticism given that both teams lead the playoffs in penalty minutes. Before the series began Sheldon Keefe predicted a "borderline violent" series and the officials have done everything possible to prevent that.

But their prevention hasn't gone without criticism. Last night after Brayden Point was called for an interference penalty on Michael Bunting he was less than impressed with the officials.

Oh my God. That's soft!

At this point it really feels like Brayden Point is speaking for every fan watching this series. Not to mention once the score became 3-2, the referees changed the standard they were calling because no penalties were issued after the lead change.
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