Breaking News - Erik Karlsson has waived his no movement clause for 1 Canadian team

Published February 22, 2023 at 11:37

Erik Karlsson, is easily the biggest name in the NHL's rumor mill. The talented defenseman for the San Jose Sharks, has made headlines by reportedly waiving his no movement clause for a potential trade to the Edmonton Oilers. The Oilers, who are looking to bolster their defensive lineup, have been seeking a top-tier defenseman and Karlsson could be just the player they need.

The news of Karlsson waiving his no movement clause was first reported by Chris Johnston of Sportsnet.

Karlsson, who has spent most of his career with the Ottawa Senators before joining the Sharks, is a two-time Norris Trophy winner and one of the most skilled blue-liners in the game. His ability to generate offense and play solid defense makes him a valuable asset for any team, and the Oilers are no exception.

If Karlsson does end up in Edmonton, he would join an already strong roster that includes superstars like Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl. With the addition of a top-tier defenseman like Karlsson, the Oilers would become even more formidable and could be serious contenders for the Stanley Cup.

Of course, there are still many details to be worked out before any trade can happen, including potential salary cap implications and other factors. However, the fact that Karlsson has reportedly waived his no movement clause for the Oilers is certainly an encouraging sign for Edmonton fans.
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Breaking News - Erik Karlsson has waived his no movement clause for 1 Canadian team

What will happen with Erik Karlsson?

He'll be traded to the Oilers27749.8 %
He'll stay with San Jose until the summer11620.9 %
He'll stay in San Jose for his entire contract6912.4 %
He'll end up with another team9416.9 %
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