Breaking News - Gary Bettman reveals bad news about the salary cap

Published December 13, 2022 at 1:23 PM

Earlier this year the NHL announced that they expected that the salary cap could rise substantially this summer. The league was reporting record highs and felt like the players could see their portion of the escrow completely paid back. This change gave a lot of hope to teams who were struggling against the cap.

Unfortunately today at the Board of Governor's Meetings, Gary Bettman revealed some disappointing news.

Gary Bettman says #NHL is now projecting a $70m remaining escrow balance at the end of the season, which would result in the salary cap rising just $1 million this summer to $83.5 million.

Not willing to say now whether a negotiation with #NHLPA for larger increase is possible.

With almost half the league being within a couple million dollars of the salary cap this could lead to some big issues this summer. This could have a major impact on teams like the Colorado Avalanche, who signed Nathan MacKinnon to a major contract with the expectation that they cap would rise approximately $4,000,000 next year.
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Breaking News - Gary Bettman reveals bad news about the salary cap

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