Bruins' fans serenade Tony DeAngelo with ''f*** you Tony'' chants

Published May 13, 2022 at 8:42

The Boston Bruins and Carolina Hurricanes just completed game 6, the Bruins defeated the Hurricanes 5-1, forcing a game 7.

During tonight's game there was also some carry over from the Game 5 incident where Brad Marchand told Tony DeAngelo he was a racist. During the series DeAngelo has also taken pot shots at the Boston crowd, commenting on how much louder Hurricane fans are.

Bruins' fans rarely forget and during last night's the Bruins faithful absolutely gave it to DeAngelo. Everytime Tony D picked up the puck Bruins chanted, ''you're a racist''.

But if that wasn't enough late in the game the entire crowd came together in a classic, "Fuck You Tony" chant.

Game 7 goes Saturday in Carolina where the crowd will be much more appreciative of DeAngelo.
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