CHL makes decision on eligibility of Russian Players

Published March 2, 2022 at 2:57 PM

The Canadian Hockey League is home to 3 of the biggest and most successful major junior hockey leagues in the world, the Ontario Hockey League, the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, and the Western Hockey League. These leagues consistently send the most players to the NHL every year. There are two drafts in the CHL each year, the Prospects Draft where North American players from each of the respective regions are drafted, and the CHL Import Draft were all 3 leagues draft from European Prospects at the same time.

The CHL Import Draft consists of just two rounds, but that is still 120 possible selections. During the season each team in the CHL is permitted to dress and play a maximum of two import players. Because of these rules, teams usually select only players they know are interested in coming to play in North America.

Professional Hockey Player Agent, Dan Milstein represents almost 80% of all Russian and Belorussian players in North America, in both major junior and the NHL. Milstein has been at the forefront defending his players reputations and campaigning to keep the eligibility of his Russian and Belorussian born players to remain in North America and to continue their careers. Today the CHL is set to announce that no new Russian or Belorussian born players will be draft eligible in this year's import draft.

«I am Ukrainian born and want peace. I do not believe banning teenagers for something they do not have control is the answer.

I don't think banning teenagers from playing hockey in North America is the right decision currently but there is a very complex situation unfolding right now. Last year 27 Russian and Belorussian players were selected in the CHL Import draft, all most likely being drafted into the NHL at some point. This may be a win for Russia in the long run as more players will continue their junior careers in Russia and most likely move on to their professional league, the KHL.
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