Calgary left-winger admits he lost passion for playing hockey last season

Published October 8, 2023 at 6:19 PM

It's no secret that current Calgary left-winger Jonathan Huberdeau and former head coach Darryl Sutter aren't the biggest fans of each other. If we rewind to last season, you can probably remember the post-game interview where, when asked why Huberdeau left the bench so abruptly, Sutter makes a crude and quite unprofessional joke involving Hubs and a bathroom. So it also shouldn't be too much of a shock that Huberdeau has come forward to talk about the ups & downs of his first year in Calgary.

Hubs recently appeared on the popular hockey podcast Frankly Speaking, where he talked openly and honestly about his first season playing for the Flames.

"I didn't have fun last yearI think that's the first time in my career I kinda lost the passion, a little bit, to come to the rink and stuff like that.

Huberdeau was traded to Calgary in 2022 after having an insane year in Florida where he garnered 85 assists and a career-high 115-point season. To see him accomplish merely half of those stats within one year for a new team was definitely surprising and really makes you wonder if Darryl Sutter's coaching created a less-than-ideal environment for any Calgary player. We'll let you be the judges of that but regardless, it's going to be exciting to see what Hubs and the Flames do this season under a new head coach.
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Calgary left-winger admits he lost passion for playing hockey last season

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