Camera catches Max Domi cursing out the referee after obvious blown call

Published February 27, 2023 at 4:05 PM

Max Domi comes by his temper honestly. He's the son of NHL legend and noted hot head, Tie Domi, so it's not surprising to see Max lose his cool from time to time. On Saturday night the Blackhawks faced off against the San Jose Sharks.

During the game as Domi was carrying the puck through the neutral zone when a stick came up and caught Domi directly in the mouth. Not only does the stick bust him open, but it actually knocks out some of Domi's teeth as well. Domi was obviously frustrated by the play, and even more so by the lack of call on the play.

As Domi leaves the ice the camera captures his reaction towards the referee, and it's obvious, Domi is pissed.

Before leaving the ice for some repairs, Domi gives the referee an earful before heading to the room. Domi would eventually return and make an impact scoring a go-ahead goal. It's clear a call was missed, but Domi made the best of this situation and used that fire to positively impact the game.
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