K'Andre Miller explains spitting incident and apologizes to Drew Doughty, NHL Player Safety reveals he'll have a hearing

Published February 27, 2023 at 1:11 PM

Last night during a game between the New York Rangers and the Los Angeles Kings, Rangers defender K'Andre Miller was given a game misconduct for spiting in Drew Doughty's face

Today, Miller issued an apology via his Twitter, explaining what happened and that his act last night goes against everything he believes in, take a look:

I wanted to take a moment to address what occurred in las night's game. I have all the respect in the world for Drew Doughty and what happened was completely accidental. I would never intend to do something like that on purpose, it goes against everything I am as a person and player. I felt awful about it and I am thankful Drew gave me the opportunity to apologize and explain myself in person after the game

To me, I don't know how spitting directly in someone's face in as accident, that being said, it seems that the two plays are on good terms after the conversation according to Dan Rosen of

K'Andre Miller has spoken with Drew Doughty about the spitting incident tonight that got the Rangers D a match penalty. I'm told he explained that it was not on purpose, that it was accidental, and that he felt bad about it. I was told it was a good conversation.

In any case, if Doughty had a problem, he wouldn't be silent about it. The NHL Department of Player Safety however, did have an issue and is calling Miller in for a hearing.

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