Changes to NHL Nets may potentially happen as soon as next season

Published December 2, 2022 at 7:37 PM

NHL GMs met last week in Toronto to set the table as to what they'll be discussing next March at the GM's Annual Summit. A lot of ideas were brought up by various GM's but one change has most, if not all GM's on board with a potential change.

In the past years, the amount of times the nets have easily come off their moorings has been on the rise during games. It has even become a big topic within teams and dressing rooms.

GM's were asked to think about what they want as a solution ahead of the March Summit. Steven Walkom who is Vice President and Director of Officiating for the National Hockey League mentioned that they will be closely monitoring the situation and gathering stats as to when during games the nets come off the moorings.

Elliotte Friedman shared the following information:

Another issue is nets coming off, which is already on the league's radar. It came up at the recent GM Meetings with everyone asking for more data before any decisions were made. One GM texted that he didn't want to hear any excuses about pegs or some arenas having weaker ones than others: «Call a penalty, then it will stop.» One broadcaster asked the ice crew at his arena and was told there is indeed a difference from building to building, that some drill deeper and/or use a Shop-Vac to do a more thorough job of draining water from peg holes. But I do think penalties are going to come.
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Changes to NHL Nets may potentially happen as soon as next season

Does the NHL need to fix the nets coming off their pegs?

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