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Jacob Markstrom gives up an awful early goal and rips himself after the game finishes

Published December 2, 2022 at 3:52 PM

In the opening ten seconds of the game between the Calgary Flames and Montreal Canadiens last night, Flames' goaltender Jacob Markstrom gave up a truly bizarre goal.

In Monahan's return to Calgary, he makes a brilliant tip play to split the defence and give himself an opportunity to retrieve the puck on a partial breakaway. Markstrom sees this play developing, and instead of playing it like a normal goaltender, he decides to play the puck at the hash marks. What follows is chaos, which is what happens anytime a goalie attempts this stupid play.

Slafkovsky is able to retrieve the puck in the chaos and shoot it easily into an open net, giving the Canadiens an early 1-0 lead. What hurts Calgary more, is the final score of 2-1, where this now was a pivotal goal in the game.

What Markstrom may have been trying is Hazel's famous play at Gaborik, but that actually did prevent the goal. Take a look at the Dominator's play below.

After the game Markstrom was asked about his play of late and he gave a very honest answer.

I just suck at hockey right now.

This is an odd twist by Markstrom, who was incredible for most of the Flames playoff run before running into the Edmonton Oilers. Since then though Markstrom hasn't been able to keep pucks out of his own net, something that is rather important for his team's continued success.
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Jacob Markstrom gives up an awful early goal and rips himself after the game finishes

Will Jacob Markstrom find his form?

Yes, he's an elite goalie and he'll return3954.9 %
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