Charges laid in airport employee knockout

Published May 25, 2022 at 10:16 PM

Last week we shared a video of a man knocking out a United Airlines employee. The original video was very vague but it appeared the airline employee was the instigator in the interaction.

Now new details have emerged about the incident.

The man featured in the video is Brendan Langley. Langley is a former NFL player, who was playing most recently in the Canadian Football League. The incident allegedly began when Langley was caught using a wheel chair instead of a luggage cart. The employee allegedly approached Langley and that's when the video begins.

Since the incident United has announced the employee has been terminated. Langley has been suspended from his team in the CFL and has since been arrested related on charges due to the incident. There has been no information released about whether the United Employee will face charges.
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Charges laid in airport employee knockout

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