Clint Malarchuck weighs in on the Adam Johnson incident and if he thinks it was intentional

Published November 22, 2023 at 11:32

The tragic death of Nottingham Panthers forward Adam Johnson has the hockey community divided. Some fans say Matt Petgrave intentionally tried to injure Johnson, while others believe he was knocked off balance causing an unfortunate and tragic accident.

Former Buffalo Sabres goaltender Clint Malarchuk, who also had his throat sliced by a skate on March 22nd, 1989 joined the Cam & Strick podcast to offer his unique perspective of the event; take a look.

"There's no way I watched it real close just to see the incident. I wanted to know how it happened. I wasn't watching to see if the guy did it on purpose, not a chance, no way. And when I saw him clip, it really kind of pisses me off that people are actually saying, I guess he's kind of a dirty player. Well, so what? I like dirty players, right? But I don't know a player that would do something like that.

He got clipped and spun around. It's a fast game, you know? Doesn't take much for a guy to flip around like that." - Clint Malarchuk on the Adam Johnson Incident

I'd be inclined to believe a player who's had his throat cut by an arrant skate, but either way, he's right. It would be almost impossible for someone to intentionally do that.

Someone being a dirty player on the ice doesn't mean they have the capacity to intentionally injure in that way. Dirty players are a part of the sport, that doesn't mean this play and the end result was intentional.
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Clint Malarchuck weighs in on the Adam Johnson incident and if he thinks it was intentional

Do you think Matt Petgrave intentionally kicked Adam Johnson?

Yes, but he didn't mean to murder him25231.3 %
Yes, it was intentional759.3 %
No, it was an accident47959.4 %
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