Connor McDavid's most recent interview raises concerns about if he'll re-sign in Edmonton

Published August 24, 2023 at 8:11

Connor McDavid is without question the best player in the National Hockey League. He has been since the moment he took the ice for the first time as and Edmonton Oiler, but this most recent interview is sure to raise some questions about whether or not he sees himself in an Oiler uniform for the long haul.

According to Marc Spector's latest article for Sportsnet, it seems as though McDavid is undecided about re-signing in Edmonton when his contract expires in three years; take a look.

I love playing in Edmonton, and I really feel at home there. Lauren loves being in Edmonton. There are a lot -a lot of things that check the boxes for us in Edmonton. We're super comfortable there. But with that all being said, it's three years down the road. We've got to kind of see where our lives are at and kind of go from there.

I don't say that to raise eyebrows or cause panic. It's just the way that it is. But love playing in Edmonton, I'm 100 per cent committed to winning in Edmonton with this group..

While McDavid starts off by saying how much he loves living and playing in Edmonton and that he wants to win for the Oilers fans and the city, he does mention that he has 3 more years left on his current deal and he doesn't know what the future will hold when his contract expires then. McDavid is quick to say that he's just stating the reality of the situation and he doesn't want to set off alarm bells or worry anyone.

If I'm an Oiler fan and I'm hearing those comments from not only the best player in the world, but my team's captain, it doesn't inspire a lot of confidence in me that he'll want to continue to be a part of my team for the long haul. Sure he's committed now, but what if the Oilers begin to struggle?

McDavid is right about one thing, his current contract ending is still a little while away and worrying about whether he'll re-sign with the team now doesn't do anyone any good, having said that this is certainly a story to watch as he gets closer to needing a new contract.
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Connor McDavid's most recent interview raises concerns about if he'll re-sign in Edmonton

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