Connor Mcdavid shows up to mens league final, gets blown out

Published August 20, 2023 at 8:37 PM

The National Hockey League is full of the best hockey players on the planet making millions of dollars to do their job. This usually includes putting up points and scoring goals in most cases. Connor Mcdavid is the best player out there and arguably by the time he's done his career, he'll be the best player to have ever played the game of hockey with really no debate about it, but that doesn't stop him from going to his hometown of New Market, Ontario.

In fact, Mcdavid recently showed up to his local men's league final, wearing the number 4 which looked incredibly odd while being decked out in his Edmonton Oilers gear, but even the best player on the planer can have an off night every once in a while; take a look.

While it's very evident watching these clips that McDavid trying, it's amazing to see him still be a part of the community in his home town when his schedule allows.

Quentin Byfield of the Los Angeles Kings was also playing on the opposing team in this game and they didn't miss an opportunity to lift the Men's League trophy with all the pride in the world.
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Connor Mcdavid shows up to mens league final, gets blown out

What would you do if Connor McDavid showed up to your rec league game?

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