Daniel Briere explains why Carter Hart changed his status on social media

Published September 8, 2023 at 1:13 PM

Last night the internet was surprised to see that Philadelphia Flyers goaltender Carter Hart had made his Instagram private and removed the Flyers from his bio. Fans immediately assumed this could be related to the Hockey Canada investigation while others assumed Hart could possibly be trade.

Neither of those items appear to be true at this time however. Today Flyers General Manager issued the following statement.

Regarding Carter Hart privatizing his Instagram+removing the Philadelphia Flyers from the account, GM Danny Briere says there's nothing to it, that he talked to Hart, who's excited for this coming Flyers season, and that, as of now, he expects him to be at camp and ready to go.

Hart will be looking to bounce back from a tough stretch over the last year and could use to have these distractions behind him. Hart is innocent until proven guilty and will hopefully get back to his previous form.
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