Darryl Sutter fears the Colorado Avalanche

Published March 30, 2022 at 6:54 PM

The Calgary Flames currently sit in first place of the Pacific Division, but that isn't stopping coach Darryl Sutter from trying to motivate his team. Tuesday night the Flames lost to the league leading Colorado Avalanche by a score of just 2-1. Colorado has now won the season series over the Flames 2-1.

We haven't made the playoffs yet

During Wednesday's media availability with Flames' coach Darryl Sutter, he was asked about what the team expects in the playoffs. Sutter reminded everyone that the Flames «haven't made the playoffs yet». This is technically true, but Calgary would have to lose every single game going forward for that to happen. MoneyPuck currently has their odds to win the division at 97.3%. If the Calgary Flames make it to the Western Conference finals, there is one team they don't want to play.

then you're gonna play Colorado as a wild card & you'll get the shit kicked out of you, & I'm not interested in that

Multiple times this year, Darryl Sutter has mentioned how he does not want to face Colorado in the first round. Maybe he's hoping if they meet in the Western Conference Finals that the Avalanche have incurred some injuries and will be easier to beat. It does seem like he doesn't want to face them at all again this year though.
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