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Despite Losing Appeal, David Perron Not Giving Up Bid to Have Suspension Reduced

Published December 26, 2023 at 9:17

He may have lost his appeal, but he's not done yet. David Perron of the Detroit Red Wings is reportedly taking the next step in an attempt to have his six-game suspension reduced for cross-checking Artem Zub of the Ottawa Senators.

Perron has already served his six games. He appealed to NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman to have the punishment reduced, stating Zub was not seriously injured and that he has no previous history of suspension. Gary Bettman didn't buy it.

"The National Hockey League Players' Association («NHLPA»), on behalf of David Perron, has appealed from a December 11, 2023, supplementary discipline decision suspending Mr. Perron for six (6) games. This shall constitute my determination of Mr. Perron's appeal. For the reasons described herein, I find that the decision suspending Mr. Perron for six (6) games was supported by clear and convincing evidence and is, therefore, affirmed."

Perron has the option to ask for a third-party arbitrator to look at the suspension, and he reportedly plans to use it.

"BTW, during Wings broadcast, Ken Daniels reported David Perron intends to appeal his suspension to the independent arbitrator."

There's no word on when the hearing might take place. While Perron has already served the six games, a reduction of the sentence would mean he gets salary returned that he lost while sitting out.

In the past the NHL and Gary Bettman have been criticized for their intentional attempts to delay the reviews of suspensions. This sort of arbitration process is something that likely gets reviewed heavily in the next CBA. The current process has been viewed as a power trip by the current regime, who feels any appeal is a shot against the league and it's disciplinary process.
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Despite Losing Appeal, David Perron Not Giving Up Bid to Have Suspension Reduced

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