Eddie Olczyk calls out Leah Hextall for stealing goal call from another commentator live on air

Published April 10, 2023 at 10:57

Every hockey analyst has their own unique goal call and John Forslund is no different. Forslund began his career with the Hartford Whalers in 1995 and very quickly coined the phrase "Hey hey whaddya say" as his own unique goal call. Forslund joined the Seattle Kraken and brought his unique touch with him.

During a recent game between the Arizona Coyotes and Seattle Kraken, Leah Hextall took it upon herself to use Forslund's legendary call line, without crediting the announcer. The lack of credit didn't go over well with another member of the Kraken's broadcast team, Eddie Olczyk. Olczyk had the following to say:

"If you are going to imitate somebody, like on a goal call, just make sure you give that person credit. That's fair. That's the way you do it. Those are the ground rules."

So, why was Olczyk so protective of this phrase for Forslund? Well the goal call actually holds a lot of significance to the announcer.

The reason Olczyk was so adamant about this is because he knows how special the goal call is to Forslund, as he uses it to honour his late father.

When Forslund was a kid, he would pretend-call games in the living room with his father serving as colour commentator. ‘Hey hey whaddya say' was something his father would often use. When his father passed John vowed to honour him by heavily incorporating the catchphrase into his broadcasting career.

Hopefully Hextall understands the importance of respecting other broadcasts because this is definitely a slap in the face of another announcer if you don't give them credit.
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Eddie Olczyk calls out Leah Hextall for stealing goal call from another commentator live on air

Is it wrong for Hextall to steal this goal call?

Yes, it's wrong without credit9246 %
It's wrong even with credit7336.5 %
No, she's just doing her job3517.5 %
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