Emergency backup goalie who famously beat the Toronto Maple Leafs accused of alleged abuse by his ex-wife

Josh tupper
November 6, 2022  (12:27)

On February 22nd, 2020 the Toronto Maple Leafs suffered the most embarrassing loss in NHL history. That's the night that 42-year-old David Ayers famously stepped into goal and helped the Carolina Hurricanes defeat the Leafs. After both Petr Mrazek and James Reimer suffered injuries the Canes turned to the emergency backup in the building.

David Ayers immediately became an NHL and Carolina Hurricanes Legend that night. Ayers reached hero status since that day and was reportedly in talks with Disney to develop a potential movie on his underdog story. Ayers has been widely viewed as a good guy, but recent comments from his ex-wife Sarah might change that perspective.
Yesterday Sarah took to her Twitter account to share some alleged abuse she received from her ex-husband.
November 4th is going to go down as the very last day that I will ever have to hear someone say to me "just look at you, you're fat and disgusting!"

It will be the last time I'm told I'm ugly, it will be the last day of mental anguish that I have to face at the hands of someone who swore they loved me. No more gaslighting, narcissism, abuse or control.

The ugly cry has happened and it was harsher than harsh. The realization that I subjected myself to so much negativity is beyond comprehension.

Hindsight and the recent support and love of a group of women has changed the way will forever see my worth. I have come out of this a changed and raw but empowered as fuck individual and I swear to Christ I will never allow myself to ever go back to the person I was.

Fyi... this supposed fat disgusting woman is now down 20lbs and is writing a mother fucking book!

If these allegations are true, they are quite disturbing. For the last 3 years David has been held in extremely high regard around the league, but also shows who someone is behind closed doors isn't always who they are in person. Hopefully Sarah Ayers is in a much better place as she moves forward with her life.
Sarah interacted with some of her followers confirming these reports online.
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