Local parent claims Mitchell Miller is being lied about, shares her side of the story

Josh tupper
November 6, 2022  (11:48)

The Boston Bruins signed Mitchell Miller and have faced almost exclusively backlash since the signing. Isaiah Meyer-Crothers' mother has been in contact with multiple news media agencies in hopes of blocking Miller's path to a professional hockey career. Now another parent has taken to Twitter to provide additional information not currently available.

Claims against Miller have stated the teen "tortured" Isaiah for years, but according to another parent that's not the case. The Twitter account Summer Lehman has also stated that the family is playing up the term "disabled" to make the story seem worse.
Ok..l cannot keep quiet anymore. The truth has to come out.I know both of these boys. My daughter was in their same grade. They were friends. To say that Mitchell "bullied" Isaiah from elementary school to 10th grade is not true. They were friends and lsaiah just wanted to be part of the the kids. He wanted to be funny. And when this came and said that it included a disabled boy...!
Was so upset as my niece is special needs and thought who could do this to someone as didn't even know who was involved in the situation. Then heard and really cannot believe they called Isaiah disabled. I am not here to speak bad about anyone. I'm here to speak facts. I know 100% that Mitchell and Isaiah were both young 8th grade boys. Mitchell was doing a prank that went bad. And he served his community service over and beyond and was remorseful. He also went to Isaiah's houses to personally apologize but they would not open the door to them. Mitchell sent letters and recently spoke to him. How can lsaiah's mom not forgive an 8th grade boy. Thank goodness that when lsaiah's Dad went and assaulted a soccer coach and was arrested that the soccer coach dropped all charges and FORGAVE him. Joni, what will it take for you to forgive Mitchell? He just wants to live a life that he has worked hard to earn. believe that if you asked Isaiah he would tell you all that he has forgiven Mitchell. None of us understand his mothers motive??

These claims at this time are unverifiable and it should not be discounted that Miller himself have acknowledged certain behaviors. But it does bring to light that there are multiple sides to this story, and the only people we should be listening to in this situation are the victim and not his family.
The NHL expects to conduct a full investigation into what has happened before ever consider allowing Miller into the NHL.
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