Evander Kane and Brady Tkachuk drop the gloves for a wild scrap

Published February 11, 2023 at 2:20 PM

The Edmonton Oilers and the Ottawa Senators are facing off in Ottawa today. One of them is in the basement, battling for the first overall pick and the other is battling for playoff positioning.

Both teams however have players on their rosters who aren't afraid of the rough stuff. Queue Brady Tkachuk and Evander Kane squaring off in the middle of the second period.

Both men seemed ready to go as soon as the gloves were down and after sizing each other up for a second, they certainly let their fists fly. Here's another angle:

You know both Tkachuk and Kane are no stranger to fighting and playing a tough game, if we're going by knock downs Tkachuk won, but I honestly think Kane landed the harder of the shots. Those short uppercuts hit their target flush.

If there was any question about Kane's hand, I'm sure there's not so many questions now, he didn't hesitate to let those fists fly.

With the game sitting at 2-1 during the fight, I'm sure it injected some much needed energy on both sides.
February 11   |   178 answers
Evander Kane and Brady Tkachuk drop the gloves for a wild scrap

Who do you think won the tilt?

Kane8849.4 %
Tkachuk2614.6 %
It was a draw6436 %
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