Trevor Zegras pisses off Sidney Crosby with more of his crybaby antics

Published February 11, 2023 at 9:32

The Anaheim Ducks have a star player on their hands in Trevor Zegras. He's flashy, can put up points, and funny in front of a microphone, however, he's starting to get the reputation around the league of being an annoyance among other things.

A few weeks During a game against the Arizona Coyotes on January 28th Zegras said something to Coyotes' defenceman Troy Stetcher that really set him off.

Last night Zegras and the Ducks were hosting the Pittsburgh Penguins. Zegras must have been in a bit of a mood because he was doing some foolish things out there.

With the score 4-1 Penguins, during the 2nd period Zegras takes a shot on Penguins goalie Casey DeSmith really late after the whistle was blown for offside. This made Pittsburgh captain Sidney Crosby mad. He came over and gave Zegras a bump to let him know of his mistake.

Later in the game Zegras unnecessarily bumps Penguins defenceman Brian Dumoulin after an offside call and shows some frustration by firing the puck the length of the ice.

Anaheim were beaten 6-3 infront of their home crowd. Zegras had one assist in the loss. In 53 games played he has scored 19 goals and 44 points.

There is no question the young guy is going to be a star in the league. He has flair and isn't afraid to show off his personality. The NHL is starving for players like him to help grow the game, but, Zegras will need to stop with the antics. He's going to pull something on the wrong player and get really hurt. At a certain point you'd think his teammates would get tired of it as well.
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Trevor Zegras pisses off Sidney Crosby with more of his crybaby antics

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