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Evander Kane settles lawsuit with woman who accused him of assault

Published April 20, 2022 at 8:19 PM

Evander Kane has had a tumultuous career up to this point, but it appears the polarizing figure is working to finally get his life in order. Kane has run into issues both on and off the ice, but now that he's found a home with the Edmonton Oilers it seems that Kane is looking to get his life in order. Part of getting his life in order means dealing with the legal issues that still linger.

While not able to deal with his most pressing issue, his ex-wife Anna, Kane and his lawyer have turned to other issues. This case in question stemmed from 2016 when Kane was accused of the following:

Documents filed in Erie County State Supreme Court on behalf of Kuechle say Kane met her in a bar, invited her to what he said was a party and then attacked her, causing cuts and bleeding that required multiple surgeries. Without providing details of how she was injured, her lawyers said Kuechle suffered "serious emotional trauma" and "serious, permanent and painful personal injuries."

Buffalo police investigated but no charges were brought against Kane in this matter.

Today Evander Kane's lawyer confirmed in court and to The Athletic that a settlement had been reached in the case. The plaintiff in the case has filed paperwork to dismiss her case with prejudice.

While this is just one step it appears Kane continues to be committed to getting his life back on track, which is something we commend him for.
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Evander Kane settles lawsuit with woman who accused him of assault

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