The NHL's All-Star game
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Fan Ends up With Questionable Prize After Purchasing NHL All-Star Souvenir

Published February 4, 2024 at 11:15
While none of it comes at a low cost, it's always nice to pick up a memento or souvenir from an event that you attend. The NHL's All-Star Weekend was no different, with fans spending like crazy on several items linked to their favourite team and/or star. One fan was a bit surprised with what he picked up in a mystery purchase, though.

Reddit user u/PoutineEnthusiast posted a photo of a puck he and his friend purchased at the All-Star festivities. The puck comes wrapped, and you have a chance of getting an autographed one from 100 different players. One of them on the list was Carter Hart. The user and friend decided to buy a puck anyway, and that's what they ended up getting.

"me and my friend were at the NHL ASG fan fair and he bought a mystery puck for $60, the list of possible players had like 100 and carter hart was one of them, so we jokingly asked the guy working there if we'd get a refund if it was carter hart and he said no. so we bought it and opened it later on and it ended up being hart, went back to show the guy his manager let us exchange it and got quinn hughes in the next one lol"


It's great that they were able to make an exchange, but you have to question why the NHL would continue to keep these pucks in the pile given the current legal issues Hart is facing. Hart, as far as anyone can tell, is now a free agent, although I don't expect he'll be signing with anyone any time soon.
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Fan Ends up With Questionable Prize After Purchasing NHL All-Star Souvenir

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